Friday, September 8

Full Orchestra

  • Welcome back to HYO! (Those of you I didn’t see last week)
  • Review the plan for this semester
    • Sheet Music
    • Tour and Concert December 5
  • Changes to HYO
    • Full Orchestra, Advanced Orchestra, and Chamber Ensemble
    • String Schedule for the Fall Semester
    • Enrollment brochures–due by September 15
    • Symphony and chorale literature!
    • Advisory board meetings
  • Hand out music and folders
    • These are the pieces we chose last week, but it’s still to be decided when they will be performed
  • Continue reading (and selecting) music!
    • Today I have more difficult tunes…

Advanced Orchestra

  • Welcome to Mrs. Haynes-Marchesini!
  • Hand out music (and folders as needed)
  • Continue reading (and selecting) music!